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Custom Made Challenge Coins in 10 Days or Less

For nearly a century, challenge coins have been used to reward good deeds and promote camaraderie. Since World War I, they have served as a symbol of honor and bravery and are highly regarded by every branch of the military. Law enforcement and fire personnel also use challenge coins to signify valor and strengthen the bonds within their departments.

Tri State Law Enforcement Foundation
NYPD Detective
Yamaha Marine Group
31st Fighter Wing
Farmers Insurance
Google Services and Cloud 2015 Unicorns
L3 Commited to Ethical Behavior


The highly collectible challenge coin appeals to a diverse group of people outside the military and civil service industry as well. They remain popular with businesses, organizations, academic institutes, and non-profits because challenge coins are unique, meaningful gifts. At ceremonies and other special events, no other award item makes as big of an impression as custom made challenge coins from Coin Depot.

354th Fighter Wing
General Electric Veterans
Victor Chavez


Free Artwork, Free Design Services, and Free Shipping

Our team of talented designers works with you to create custom challenge coins that reflect your group’s interests or mission. Whether it’s a special event that you’re sponsoring or a recognition award you’re handing out, one thing is certain. Coin Depot goes the extra mile to make your order of challenge coins stand out in a crowd.

Simply Email Us, or complete our quick and convenient Free Quote form, and a sales representative will contact you regarding your request to begin the process of creating your custom lapel pins.